Great Balkan Hiking tour

Explore the Balkans like never before!

Group size minimum

4 people


14 days


Serbia, Balkan

Someone said that there is no better way to learn about a country and its people from walking. Dare to be adventurous and set off on a 14-day journey which will lead you through the most beautiful landscapes of the hilly Balkans. You will soak up the beauty of 6 breathtaking mountain ranges, hike through stunning gorges and canyons surrounded by high cliffs and waterfalls.

While enjoying the nature of 3 beautiful national parks (some of which are protected by UNESCO world heritage), you will also get a chance to see some of the most endangered animal and plant species – the griffon vulture and Serbian spruce, hike magnificent mountain summits up to 2522 m and admire the beauty of the primeval forest and beautiful lakes.

To top it off, after a fulfilling hiking day, you’ll enjoy delicious domestic food and get a chance to meet warm and friendly people of the Balkans.


Hiking Balkans 14 days


Day 1 Arriving to Belgrade

Departure from the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. Arrival to the Valjevo Mountains. Accommodation and dinner at the local guesthouse on the mountain. Optionally, first day can be fulfilled with the sightseeing tour of the Serbia’s capital city – Belgrade.


Day 2 Medvednik and Bobija Mountain hiking

Breakfast at the guesthouse. We will start with hiking tour over the ridge of Medvednik Mountain (1244 m) and easily continue to the gorge of river Ljubovidja. In afternoon hours we will reach Mountain Bobija (1272 m) and spend a night in private apartments in village.


Day 3 Tresnjica Gorge Hiking

This day is planned for visiting the most attractive sights of the Tresnjica Gorge, one of the few settlements Serbia of birds with wingspan of 3m – Griffon vultures. High cliffs, waterfalls, griffon vultures are just few of many attractions that can be seen in this nature preserved area. In the middle of the day, we will have lunch in a traditional Serbian household in the countryside. Here we’ll have the opportunity to try traditional Serbian gastronomy and meet local people.


After  whole day of hiking, we will make transfer to National Park Tara, wildest part of the mountain.  On the way to Tara we will pass city Bajina Basta and Perucac Lake. Narrow road lead us over Canyon Derventa to Predov krst. Mountain lodge at the place where we will be hosted is located at 1075 m above sea level.


Day 4 Tara Mountain Hiking

Breakfast at the mountain house. Hiking tour on Tara Mountain with visiting the the most beautiful viewpoints above Drina Canyon. We continue with whole day circle trek tour on Tara mountain. Lunch will be arranged in the village Jagostica, one of the remotest villages in Serbia. Dinner at the mountain house.


Day 5 Tara Mountain Hiking

Breakfast at the mountain house. Hiking tour to the highest peak of Tara Mountain, Veliki Stolac 1675m and visiting the biggest forest in the world of rare species of Pancic’s spruice. Remoteness and isolation were the key factors of protecting and preserving flora and fauna biodiversity of this area. Bus transfer to Žabljak (Montenegro) and National park Durmitor (Unesco World heritage). Lunch stop at Drvengrad – a place made for the movie Life is a Miracle (Život je čudo), directed by Emir Kusturica. Dinner and accommodation at Hotel in Žabljak.


Day 6 Durmitor Mountain lakes Hiking

Breakfast at the hotel. Easy hiking day and visiting 3 mountain lakes: Zminje (Snake lake), Barno jezero and Crno Jezero (Black Lake). Hiking tour lasts around 4 hours with +150m ascent. If the group should request so, the tour can be substituted with a harder tour (climbing summit Mali Medjed or Savin Kuk). Dinner at the hotel.

Day 7 Durmitor National Park

Breakfast at the hotel. Hiking tour to the Ledena Pećina cave (Ice cave, altitude 2180 m). The tour lasts 5 hours with the total ascent of +700m. Stunning nature is what best describes this tour mainly due to limestone rocks and plateaus. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 8 Durmitor Mountain Hiking

Breakfast at the hotel. Climbing Bobotov Kuk (2522 m) – the highest peak of Durmitor Mountain. The climb will last around 6 hours with +950m ascent. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 9 Planinica Mountain Hiking

After the breakfast in the hotel, transfer to the National Park Sutjeska in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hiking to the summit of Planinica, 1772 m. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 10 Zelengora Mountain Hiking

After the breakfast in the hotel, the second day of hike adventure in Bosnia leads us to the mountain range Zelengora and summit Bregoc (2029m). Orlovačko Lake (Eagle Lake) is another must see point at this 6 hour activity. Transfer and dinner at the hotel in Tjentište.

Day 11 Perucica primeval forest Hiking

After the breakfast in the hotel and a short drive, we will approach the Perućica primeval forest, one of the few of such kind in Europe. On our way, we will see the fantastic waterfall Skakavac, rich biodiversity and wildlife. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 12 Maglic Mountain Hiking

Breakfast at the hotel. The ascent of Maglić (Foggy) Mountain will start at Lokva Derneciste and it will take us around 4 hours to reach the top (+700 m ascend). Descending from the top will take around 3 hours and lead us over Trnovačko Lake where the participants can enjoy the stunning landscapes of the mountains Maglić and Volujak. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 13 Trebinje and Dubrovnik

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the sea coast. Visit to the city of Trebinje, Monastery Tvrdoš and local winery. Lunch in the city. Dinner and accommodation in the apartments in the city of Dubrovnik.

Day 14 Departure from Dubrovnik

Breakfast at the appartment. Transfer to airport.



  • Meals: 13 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 8 lunch  packages, 13 dinners
  • 8 nights in the hotel, 2 nights in a mountain house, 3 nights in an private apartments
  • All listed activities
  • Tour leader throughout the program
  • Transfers throughout the program
  • Entrance tickets and permissions to all national parks and nature reserves


Not included:

  • Personal travel insurance
  • Single accommodation (available on request only)
  • Flights


Key facts:

  • 11 active hiking days
  • 4 Balkan countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia.


Your chance to:

  • Visit 3 national parks: Tara, Durmitor (UNESCO World Heritage) and Sutjeska
  • Hike on 6 mountains and through beautiful gorge of river Trešnjica
  • Visit the primeval forest Perućica rich wildlife and first level protected area
  • See protected griffon vultures – a bird of pray with wingspan of 3m
  • See the endemic Serbian spruce (Picea omorika)
  • Enjoy the Balkan domestic food and cozy mountain house accommodation
  • Visit Belgrade, Mostar and Dubrovnik

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