Canyoning in Serbia

Discover the awe-inspiring canyons of Serbia. Wade through water, rappel down the amazing waterfalls and have a unique experience.

Who says that an adventure should be on dry land? Dare to get soaking wet and we promise you won’t regret it!

Canyons of Serbia are surrounded by pristine nature, high cliffs and stunning landscapes which are impossible to forget. They are also the home of many magnificent and rare animal species among which is also the endangered griffon vulture – a bird of prey with a 3m wingspan.

We offer both light canyoning tours that don’t involve the use of equipment and technical tours that do involve the use of equipment and dealing with greater obstacles. Be you a pro or a complete newbie, we’ll make your day. Wading through crystal clear water, jumping into canyon pools and gazing at the fantastic waterfalls and rappelling down them – it’s all there.

All canyoning tours are designed for people without previous experience. The best locations are just 150 km from Belgrade city and in one day trip you will have opportunity to canyonize yourself through rapelling down several amazing waterfalls.

For canyoning professionals who are looking for an extreme adventure, we are proud to say that in 2010 we discovered the biggest canyon in Serbia that we named Zvijezda (“Star canyon”). This canyon has exactly 40 waterfalls and some of them are up to 40 meters high!

A lot can be said about the beauty of canyoning, but why listen about it, when you can experience it yourself?



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