Danube Cycling tour

The Danube's Iron Gate Gorge and prehistoric sites will take your breath away!

Group size minimum

8 people


10 days



The Danube is Europe’s second-longest river and as such it travels through many beautiful places while being part of their histories and their memories. This specially designed tour will give you a chance to meet the Danube in a different way – the cyclist way. We have created something that all cycling lovers will enjoy, a tour which will take you along the river and through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Serbia. Cycle through Vojvodina and see its authentic villages and cities. Continue pedaling towards the biggest sandy terrain in Serbia – Deliblato sands and learn a thing or two about its endemic plant and animal species and much more. From there, visit the well known Viminacium, a unique archeological site and hear something about its oldest residents – the Viminacium mammoths. After this, be amazed by breathtaking archeological sites – Golubac Fortress and Lepenski Vir and bike through the most beautiful part of the Danube basin – Iron Gate. These are just some of the attractions waiting for you on this rich cycling journey. We promise that the combination of cycling, culture, history and magnificent scenery will be something you won’t be able to forget. So warm up and prepare yourself for pedaling!


Price: 1100 eur per person


18-27 May 2018.

15-24 June  2018.

13-22 July  2018.

7-16 September  2018.


Day 1: Arriving to Belgrade

Joint trip to accommodation facilities. Depending on time of arrival, optional walking or biking sightseeing tour through the Serbia’s capital city – Belgrade.

Day 2: Cycling in Vojvodina. Smederevo city.

Transfer outside of Belgrade city and start of the bike tour. First day we are cycling through flat lands of Vojvodina region in Serbia. On our way we will came across authentic villages and cities in Vojvodina. We finish our day in Smederevo city with visiting medieval fortified city on Danube River.

Day 3: Deliblato sands, Ram fortress and Silver lake

After breakfast we are leaving Smederevo city and heading for one more day in Vojvodina region. We will cycle through nature protected reserve and the biggest sand covered area in Serbia – Deliblato sands. This nature reserve today represents the largest sandy terrain in Europe, once part of a vast prehistoric desert. It is home to many rare, endangered or endemic species of plants and animals. Over Danube we are passing with local ferry and heading to Ram – medieval fortress from 12th century and Silver lake.

Day 4: Viminacijum

Whole day round bike trip  in region of Viminacium remains, the capital of the Roman province of “Moesia Superior”. Viminacium was one of the Roman cities and military camps in the period from 1st to 4th century. In this archeological site we will also have opportunity to meet  Viminacium mammoths, the oldest residents of the EU continent. Overnight at Silver lake.

Day 5: Golubac fortress and Lepenski vir

From this point we are heading all the way along Danube River. On our way we will pass near Golubac fortress and Lepenski vir, archeological site and 6000 years old human settlement. Overnight in Donji Milanovac.

Day 6: Iron gate & Tabula Trajana

Biking through the most beautiful part of the Danube River basin – Iron gate. In this part, Danube is flowing into beautiful limestone gorge with steep cliffs hanging  directly over the river. Our road is passing just near river bank and bellow this wonderful and prehistoric cliffs.

On our way we will see rock sculpture of Dacian king – Decebal’s head and optionaly Roman memorial plaque – Tabula Traiana, from 100 AD.

Day 7: Vratna gates

Biking through Eastern Serbia and visiting natural wonder – Vratna gates which represents one of the biggest natural stone bridges in Serbia.

Day 8: Rajacke pimnice

Biking to the Rajacke Pimnice, a unique cultural sight dedicated to the glory of wine. The settlements were named after the wine cellars called “pivnice” or pimnice in this region. These cellars were used to process grapes into wine and brandy, as well as storage facilities. Rajačke Pivnice wine cellars of the Rajac village are the best witnesses of the wine production, formed as gathered group of 270 stone houses with special roofs and fountain in the central square dedicated to the St Tryphon, and with narrow streets that take you to the next row of interesting stone wine cellars.

Day 9: Gamzigrad

Biking from Rajacke Pimnice to an archaeological site Gamzigrad, spa resort and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Serbia, located south of the Danube river and near the city of Zaječar. This site represents the location of the ancient Roman complex of palaces and temples “Felix Romuliana”, built by Emperor Galerius.

Day 10: Belgrade

Transfer to the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade.



  • Meals – First day dinner, last day breakfast, the remaining days – breakfast and dinner
  • 9 nights in the hotels/private apartments/guest houses
  • Bike throughout the program
  • Tour leader throughout the program
  • Luggage transfer
  • Transfer during first and last day
  • National parks and museums

Not included:

  • Travel insurance
  • Lunch during cycling days (we may stop at various restaurants)
  • Single accommodation (available on request)
  • Flights


Key facts:

  • 8 active cycling days
  • Belgrade, Vojvodina and Iron gate
  • Nature and culture

Your chance to:

  • Visit 2 national parks/nature reserves: Deliblato sands and Đerdap National park
  • Bike through beautiful Danube gorge – Iron gate
  • Visit: Smederevo fortress, Viminacijum, Golubac fortress, Lepenski vir, Tabula Trajana, Vratna gates, Rajacke pimnice, Gamzigrad
  • Enjoy the Serbian domestic food and cozy house accommodation

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